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Dublin, Ireland -- May 12, 2004 -- Kranos Security Technologies has today released the world’s first enterprise Instant Messaging (IM) service to seamlessly incorporate digital signatures and public key encryption. The service, called MessageMate, allows businesses to communicate securely with remote employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Instant Messaging is a type of communication service that enables users to exchange messages in real time conversations over the Internet. An extremely popular personal communications medium, up to now IM has failed to gain traction in the business community due to security and compliance worries.

"Up to now, security for Instant Messaging services has primarily been provided on-the-wire, if at all", said Kranos CEO, Terry Wymer. "With MessageMate, the security is end-to-end. Companies who are sensitive to legislative compliance concerns, such as HIPAA, can now take full advantage of IM as a...

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