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Kirkcaldy based, family owned and run packaging company Kwikpac, have launched the World’s First Fully Recycled Space Program. Using recycled protective packaging products, a rocket was created to house a small bespoke whisky miniature, before it was launched into space by way of a weather balloon.

Our custom branded whisky “Taurex Tonic” was created and named after the Taurex Steel range of strapping. Enveloped in a bespoke built foam rocket, the whisky bottle was inserted into a perspex tube, and protected by the 8 main brands of Protective Packaging. Tuffbuckle, Tuffstrap, maxkraft, Provex, ecorap, airsafe, biofil and Procell foam.

Using the company Sentintospace, the protective rocket package, complete with Whisky payload, was attached to a weather balloon and launched into the atmosphere where it reached a maximum height of 34,914m. Almost 35km high, or just over 20 miles high.

Marketing Director for Kwikpac, Allan Harmer was...

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