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The Midlife & Menopause movement - Why a generation of women are leading the way for a healthier, happier and more positive life through their 40s, 50s and beyond.

Author and Broadcaster Andrea McLean, Olympian Michelle Griffith-Robinson, Campaigner and Author Meg Mathews, and Menopause Expert Dr Louise Newson are to headline a first-of-its-kind week-long festival to celebrate midlife women

‘The Midlife Festival’ (, is an online, FREE festival bringing together more than 25 well-known speakers and experts, to share their knowledge, wisdom and top tips on how women can lead a healthier, happier and more positive life through their 40s, 50s and beyond.

It runs from 11- 15 October 2021 - to mark both Menopause Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Festival has been created by The Latte Lounge - an online platform for women over 40, founded in 2016 by Katie Taylor after her own debilitating perimenopausal symptoms were misdiagnosed as depression. Forced to give up her career, she set out to ensure that no other woman would suffer in the same way that she did.

Katie says:

“We’re finally seeing a seismic shift in the narrative around what it means to be a woman in your 40s, 50s and beyond.

“For too long, midlife women have been made to feel invisible in society, have suffered in silence with often debilitating symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, whilst taking on their fair share of the ‘sandwich generation’ burden - juggling caring for children and ageing parents, while also trying to manage their work and home lives too.

‘“The Midlife Festival’ is about shining a spotlight on the woman in the middle, amplifying our voices, and celebrating all the positives that this next stage in our lives has to offer.”

Confirmed speakers at the free five-day event include:

Andrea McLean, CEO, Editor, Broadcaster and Best-Selling Author

Meg Mathews, Menopause Campaigner, Author and Columnist

Lorraine Candy, Former Editor in Chief of The Sunday Times Style Magazine, Author and Podcaster

Trish Halpin, Award-winning Editor, Executive
Coach, Brand Consultant, Writer and Podcaster

Michelle Griffith Robinson, Olympian, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Mentor

Dr Avrum Bluming, Medical Oncologist and Co-Author of international best selling book ‘Oestrogen Matters'

Carol Tavris, ​​Social Psychologist, Lecturer and Co-Author of ‘Oestrogen Matters'

Professor Michael Baum, Professor Emeritus of Surgery, visiting Professor of Medical Humanities (UCL) & leading Breast Cancer Specialist

Dr Saadia Meyer, Practicing Clinician, Gynaecologist & Menopause Specialist

Dr Victoria Swale, Consultant Dermatologist & Member of the British Association of Dermatologists

Dr Louise Newson, Menopause Specialist GP, Author and Founder of ‘The Menopause Charity’

Dr Philippa Kaye, ‘This Morning’ Dr, Journalist, Author & The Latte Lounge’s Resident GP

Dr Alka Patel, GP, Coach, Speaker, Author, Podcaster & Workplace Wellbeing Strategist

Karen Hobbs, The Eve Appeals Cancer Information Officer

Kim Vopni, Restorative Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer & Author

Diane Danzebrink, Psychotherapist, Menopause Expert and Wellbeing Consultant

Jackie Lynch, Nutritional Therapist, Author & Podcaster

Sam Evans, Sexual Health and Pleasure Expert and Co-founder, Jo Divine

Kate Rowe-Ham, Menopause Fitness Coach

Gloria Smyth, Menopause Stylist & Style Expert

Amanda Thebe, Personal Trainer and Author of ‘Menopocalypse'

Sarah-Jane Froome, Global make up artist and TV & Radio Presenter

Tova Leigh, Podcaster, Author, Performer and Digital Content Creator

Maryanne Taylor, Sleep Consultant and Founder, The Sleep Works

Nahid de Beleonne, Somatic Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher and Founder of The Human Method™

Rachel Schofield, Certified Career & Personal Development Coach & Founder of “ReWork Your Life”

The Festival is proudly supported by Sylk Natural and Become Clothing.



The Midlife Festival is a brand new, free online event running from 11-15 October 2021. Tickets can be reserved at

Photos of Katie Taylor, our speakers and a graphic of The Midlife Festival are all available on request (please email

The Latte Lounge provides community support, information and signposting on women’s health and wellbeing, backed by a team of medical experts.

It also provides workplace menopause consultancy.
Katie is a proud supporter of the #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign which advocates for increased support for menopause in education, healthcare and in the workplace.

She was also recently invited to give evidence to the Menopause APPG inquiry to support the Menopause Support and Services Bill which will exempt HRT from NHS prescription charges in England and will also take in broader issues around menopause rights, entitlements and education.

For further comment, or more information about The Latte Lounge, please contact:

Katie Taylor, CEO & Founder, The Latte Lounge

Mobile: 07739 802 520