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Hyper-productivity is becoming a new workplace phenomenon due to working from home for long periods of time under uncertain conditions. Covid19 is leading people to panic work, says Dr. Ali Fenwick, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Hult International Business School in Dubai.

Covid19 creates a lot of uncertainty and poses a threat towards one’s livelihood and health. The different coping strategies that people use to deal with the current situation lead to a similar state of mind, resulting in panic working.

According to Dr. Fenwick there are four reasons why people panic work when working from home:

1. The Ostrich Effect: When situations are uncertain and fear kicks in, home-working employees can choose to cope with a perceived threat by ignoring it. This is called the ostrich effect. Sticking you head in the sand and pretending it is business as usual, while you know there is something wrong. The more one ignores reality, the...

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