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Covi and Harmonie Rose

A courageous little girl who fought back after losing all her limbs to meningitis is to feature in a children’s storybook designed to provide comfort this Christmas.

Seven-year-old Harmonie-Rose Allen, of Bath, contracted meningococcal septicaemia as a baby and was given only a 10% chance of survival.

Her arms and legs were amputated, but she survived and now, thanks to prosthetic legs, she loves jumping and skipping and even completed a half-marathon in her home city when she was just five.

An ambassador for the charity Meningitis Now, Harmonie-Rose will feature in the children’s illustrated storybook ‘Covi, the little Christmas dinosaur!’ written by author Susie Cullen and illustrated by Chay Winter.

Harmonie-Rose meets Covi, who is a little green dinosaur sent by Santa to save Christmas. The book is the third tale in the series ‘The adventures of Covi, the little green dinosaur’.

‘Covi, the little...

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