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• Sweati is set to be a ground-breaking sweat monitoring device that could provide real-time and continuous readings of glucose, lactate and hydration
• The patch has the opportunity to be a game-changer in the field of non-invasive glucose monitoring for diabetics
• Sweati could change the landscape for human performance management

London April 2019: Sweati , in collaboration with research partner Imperial College London, has demonstrated that it is possible to continuously measure concentrations of glucose, lactate and hydration (using multiple ions) in sweat.

These findings make Sweati, the only brand to measure three biomarkers continuously, giving the user a complete holistic view of the biomarkers that affect performance

This is the second study from the owners of Sweati, following on from the first study which proved ions could be measured in sweat. The study changes the landscape of glucose, lactate and...

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