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IR35 delay: keep preparing for off-payroll rules!

Following yesterday evening’s announcement that the IR35 reform is to be postponed until 2021, niche contractor insurance broker and employment status specialist Larsen Howie urges contractors, recruiters, and employers not to halt plans to prepare for changes.

We’d like to stress that the legislation has been delayed, not cancelled; any investments you’ve made or are making in getting ready for the reform will not be wasted and will stand you in good stead versus competitors who are burying their heads in the sand.

This postponement comes as part of a broader plan to bolster the UK economy against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the delay, Andy Vessey, Head of Tax at Larsen Howie, comments:

“The government’s decision is clearly the right one to make during this time of social and economic upheaval. IR35 is the least of this country’s problems at the moment...

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