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Kingsbridge's Head of Tax Andy Vessey comments on the Budget announcement from Rishi Sunak made this afternoon. Andy is one the UK’s leading IR35 experts who’s both a qualified accountant and ex-HMRC, has had a huge part in developing our award-winning IR35 status determination tool, and is frequently quoted in Contractor UK. He’s also personally defended over 500 employment status tribunals including the IR35 cornerstone Jensal Software case. See his comments below:

"As I and many others have been predicting, when asked to do so, the IR35 reforms are set to happen next month as today’s Budget said nothing to the contrary. Medium-large sized businesses that were banking on another reprieve must now busy themselves in getting their IR35 house in order but that is likely to be a frenetic task if they have a significant contractor workforce. With such a short deadline to work to, mistakes are more easily made and those organisations may well need the help and support of...

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