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Mum's guide to buying an EV

With a surge in interest in electric vehicles, the internet is flooded with reviews on performance, speed and charging capabilities. But what about the practical side of things? We spoke to Jordan Brompton, a hardworking Mum, successful businesswoman, founder of myenergi and owner of a Tesla Model X. To get her views on the practicality of owning an electric car with a toddler and dog in tow.

This is the real, nitty-gritty car review you have been waiting for and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, the perfect opportunity to put the spotlight on a female car fanatic who is purely interested in the practicality of owning an EV.

So Jordan, did your background working in renewable energy prompt your decision to buy an EV?

“Firstly, I never entered this industry as an expert on cars and though I've learnt a lot along the way, I'm still far from an expert. What I do know, is how fossil fuel vehicles have contributed heavily to poor air...

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