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Discovering secure ways to trade crypto currencies

New bitcoin and altcoin exchange platform,, launches in beta

Since the rise of Bitcoin trading in digital currencies has exploded, with a current estimated market capitalisation of nearly US $7 billion (£4.3 billion). With new altcoins created every week, and fortunes to be made, the demand for secure platforms to trade digital currencies has also grown.

But ‘secure’ is the key word here. Since the high profile collapse of major exchanges in the past year, confidence in these services has been dented. LazyCoins is a new crypto currency exchange that plans to restore confidence and provide users with a safe and effective way to trade Bitcoin and other altcoins.

“Digital currency needs to be protected like cash. The only way to guarantee security is to store the digital codes offline, in a process known as cold storage,” says Danial Daychopan, founder of...

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