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e-signature platform Legalesign sends its millionth document

Legalesign eliminates the need for paper

Legalesign is pleased to announce it has passed the one million mark for documents sent via its platform since it began trading in 2013.

As of 2nd May 2017, more than 1,062,370 customer documents were signed through Legalesign, enabling customers to benefit from improved productivity and a decrease in costs with a highly compliant information security.

By allowing documents to be immediately signed at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world with web access, customers are finding documents are completed much quicker than their wet-ink counterpart, enabling more to be distributed and increasing conversion rates.

One customer said:

“Something that would take a working day is now only half an hour…using Legalesign has vastly decreased paper, filing, and especially paper trails.”

Legalesign is a UK-based e-signature and contract management platform used by businesses across the globe varying from sole traders, recruiters, accountants to larger enterprises in a range of industries. With recognised outstanding customer support, the platform offers a range of workflows including bulk sending and multi-document signing, and can be adapted to specific customer needs and also integrated into their current contract management solutions.

CEO Ben Eliott commented on the announcement saying:

“This is a huge milestone for us to have reached and we look forward to hitting the two million mark.“

Legalesign is a UK leader in providing a secure and high performance electronic signature platform for business critical operations that is ISO 27001 certified and a Crown Commercial Supplier. For more information and a free trial, please visit

Joanna Brown - Marketing & PR Executive
0131 460 9556