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The breakdown of a marriage might not be everyone’s dream of happily ever after, but new research shows going through a divorce helps people improve nearly all areas of their life from their health and fitness to job, career and finances.

Researchers discovered the biggest improvement divorced people experience is having a greater appreciation and outlook on life with 65 per cent of divorcees saying this had improved, compared to less than one in ten (9 per cent) who said it got worse.

Half (50 per cent) said they improved their relationships with family and friends following their divorce, while only 17 per cent said their relationships had got worse. For 37 per cent of people, their relationship with their children improved, compared to 8 per cent who said they had got worse.

The research, which questioned 1001 divorced adults across the UK, commissioned by Maguire Family Law, found 44 per cent of people improved their job and career...

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