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• Users halve their petrol costs with people they share with
• Average regular users save over £1000 per year each
• Companies save over £20 million a year in costs with private Liftshare schemes
• Liftshare Week (1-7 October) aims to raise awareness of car sharing, save people money and cut congestion
• Every 1% increase in car occupancy will save 1 billion car miles.
• In cities across the UK, for every 12 drivers on the commute, there is just 1 car passenger. However 50% of people (according to the AA) say they would be willing to share their commute if they could find someone suitable to travel with.

For data and statistics relating specifically to a region or city, please contact us for full details.


A pioneer of the sharing economy, Liftshare is a multi-award-winning platform that connects people travelling the same way so that they can share their car journeys. As the biggest car sharing...

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