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From East to West - The Rise in Popularity of Functional Fungi

Mushrooms are finally having their moment. Functional mushrooms have been used in Asia for centuries and the rest of the world is catching on - the global market was valued at over 20 million USD in 2020. Mushrooms really hit the mainstream this summer when Netflix streamed award-winning documentary ‘Fantastic Fungi’ which explored their many magical properties.

With its finger firmly on the pulse, Mindful Extracts has launched a range of supplements which includes two of the most popular medicinal mushrooms: Reishi and Lion’s Mane.

Reishi is one of the most celebrated functional mushrooms in Chinese medical literature. Also known as the ‘mushroom of immortality’, it is believed to promote vitality, longevity and homeostasis (balance) in our system.

According to Fran McElwaine, Functional Medical Practitioner from Real Health and Wellness, “Reishi mushrooms modulate immunity by helping the body to reduce its inflammatory responses and also by supporting the production of white blood cells which fight infections and cancers. Reishi works adaptogenically in the body to support adrenal function, helping us to better manage stress, whilst also improving mood (possibly owing to their high Vitamin D content).

“Importantly, Reishi mushrooms also reduce oxidative stress on the body owing to the high levels of anti-oxidants they contain. Reducing oxidative stress (caused by exposure to toxins, infections and stress) is one of the single most important pro-active actions we can take to promote our health and wellbeing”.

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, Lion’s Mane is a natural nootropic. Buddhist monks were known to use the powdered mushroom to improve their focus.

Fran says, “In addition to anti-microbial and anti-hypertensive properties, Lion’s Mane also helps to support the body’s blood sugar management as well as promote wound healing. But the real benefits of Lion’s Mane lie in its ability to support brain function and neurological health through the action of the terpenoids that are contained in both the mycelium and fruiting body of this mushroom. These terpenoids have been proven to stimulate the synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF). This can result in the regeneration of damaged nerves and improved cognitive function often experienced as a reduction in brain-fog and greater focus.

“Lion’s Mane also reduces depression and protects against neuro-degenerative diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Furthermore, its neuro-protective qualities mean that Lion’s Mane also improves sleep and our ability to manage stress”.

Mindful Extracts Organic Reishi Capsules and Organic Lion’s Mane Capsules are log grown and contain both mycelium and fruiting body extract for maximum bioactivity. They are certified organic, vegan and contain no fillers or binders. Each capsule contains 500mg of either Reishi or Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, and a bottle of 60 capsules costs £21.99.

According to Fran, “People are looking more and more to have a greater agency over their own health and to work pre-emptively to support wellbeing and protect themselves against disease. Super foods such as functional mushrooms offer a great way to support other positive health and lifestyle choices to help in the pro-active management of our general health”

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