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Piddle Patch Celebrates £50k Investment from Newest TV Dragon Steven Bartlett

* Piddle Patch, the UK’s first eco-friendly, real-grass alternative to puppy pads, has secured £50,000 investment from entrepreneur Steven Bartlett in BBC One’s Dragon’s Den

* Piddle Patch founder Rebecca Sloan received offers from four out of five Dragons

* Piddle Patch has sold 13,000 soil free, real grass, dog toilets in the UK to date

* Rebecca’s pitch is in episode 2 of series nineteen on Thursday 13th January 2022

After receiving four offers from rival entrepreneurs on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Piddle Patch, the soil-free, real-grass toilet for dogs, walked away with a £50,000 investment. Piddle Patch Founder Rebecca Sloan chose the newest TV Dragon, 29-year-old Steven Bartlett, handing over a 20% stake in her company in return for his investment.

Piddle Patch is an intuitive way to house-train dogs, teaching them to only toilet on grass and not on textiles. This helps to reduce accidents in the home and speeds up the house-training process. It’s the ideal solution for toilet-training a puppy, for dogs without easy access to an outdoor space, or for owners looking after a poorly or incontinent pet. Piddle Patch provides a soil free, real-grass loo for your canine companion, suitable for use indoors, or outside on a balcony or patio.

There has been very little innovation in the way we house-train our dogs over the last 60 years. Piddle Patch is the natural alternative to puppy pads which are mass-produced plastic products and can take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill. Piddle Patch grass is 100% biodegradable and its packaging can be recycled.

Piddle Patch is grown in recycled textiles, instead of soil, to produce a longer lasting grass with a thick root system. It also prevents muddy paw prints from being tracked into your home. The grass is grown and harvested in the UK, without the use of chemicals or pesticides, and delivered direct to the door on a subscription basis, or as a one-off purchase.

Rebecca Sloan said, “The inspiration for Piddle Patch came during a visit to the park. The dogs were happy to be in their natural environment and the stress associated with toilet time melted away because the dogs knew instinctively where to do their business. When house training a dog, it makes sense to teach them to behave as they would in the outside world – and so Piddle Patch was born.

“Steven’s investment will allow us to fast track the growth of Piddle Patch, as well as launch a number of new products currently in development. Steven’s advice, guidance, social media and marketing expertise will be invaluable and I am delighted to be working with him”.

Bartlett is the latest, and youngest ever, entrepreneur to join Dragon’s Den. The 29-year-old replaced Tej Lalvani on the 19th season of the hit BBC programme. Steven is founder of Social Chain, a marketing agency worth over £50 million.


Notes to Editors

About Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch was born from that desire to bring a natural and environmentally-friendly dog toilet solution into the home. It’s made from fresh grass and grown in recycled textiles, instead of soil, to produce a longer lasting grass with a thick root system.
Piddle Patch grass is 100% biodegradable and its packaging can be recycled.
Piddle Patch is the product for you if:
● You are house-training your dog and want to teach them to relieve themselves on grass only.
● Your dog has a small bladder and urinates frequently throughout the day.
● You’ve ever returned home to find your dog has had an accident in the house while you were away.
● Your dog is recovering from surgery, an infection or illness, and has reduced mobility as a result.
● You live in an apartment building and do not have easy access to a grassy area.
● You have a lawn but do not want your dog to relieve themselves on it.
● Your dog refuses to eliminate during inclement weather such as heavy rain, snow, ice or frost.
● You live on a boat and require an on-board dog potty solution.

Piddle Patch has already attracted the attention of TV dog trainer Oli Juste who says, “Using a Piddle Patch from the word go means you can have super easy and quick access to a patch of grass (great for flats, balconies, etc.) and avoid accidents. You may not mind accidents, but they will slow the training down terribly. Secondly, you don’t send mixed messages by starting toilet training using puppy pads, then move to a different, new surface as the dog is starting to learn.

“A puppy waiting to be fully vaccinated and difficult, to no, access to an outside space are only two of the many cases when I recommend Piddle Patch to my clients”

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