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New Fertility Device Helps Couples Conceive Without Having Penetrative Sex

twoplus fertility has just unveiled a new fertility device to help couples to conceive without the need to have penetrative sex. The twoplus Applicator is a single-use device designed for couples who are finding ‘sex to conceive’ is becoming a chore in their busy schedules, or those who are unable to carry out intercourse normally; for example, couples who have problems with penetration or same-sex couples.

Assisted vaginal insemination is a conception method that can be used to alleviate infertility in couples that are suffering from conditions like vaginismus, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Cases like these account for around 17% of visits to sexual health clinics (1). Whilst there are medical treatments available such as vaginal dilation, hymenectomy, behavioural therapy or urological intervention, many couples are resistant to these invasive treatments and fertility becomes a major concern for them (2). Research shows that home insemination is a simple, patient friendly and cost-effective way for these couples to get pregnant (2).

The twoplus Applicator can also be used when couples want to have more control over where sperm is deposited – by ensuring sperm is directed in to the cervical opening you can optimise the chances of natural fertilisation. It also ensures that sperm bypasses the acidic, lower vaginal tract where most sperm can’t survive.

As easy as using a tampon applicator and designed to fit comfortably in to the vagina, the Applicator’s rounded end also maximises the flow of semen. A sterile sperm collection cup is also provided in the pack, as well as detailed instructions, although it couldn’t be easier to use. Semen is drawn into the Applicator from the sperm collection cup and the Applicator is inserted into the vagina. Finally, pushing the plunger on the Applicator releases the semen.

The twoplus Applicator has already proved to be a success in Singapore - since it launched in November 2021 there have already been several pregnancies reported as a result of using the device.

According to Nur, “I bought the applicator because my partner and I have issues penetrating. We have been trying to conceive for over a year. We bought three Applicators but only needed one – we used it once to try it out and got pregnant straight away. It was so easy to use and there was no pain at all”.

According to Dr Benjamin Tee, co-founder at twoplus Fertility: “Our mission is to help couples conceive quickly and effectively while preserving the joy and intimacy in the process as much as possible. We are delighted to hear of couples’ successes using our devices and look forward to the births of many more bundles of joy.”

The twoplus Applicator is available for £18 from


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1. El Meliegy A. A retrospective study of 418 patients with honeymoon impotence in an andrology clinic in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Eur J Sexol 2004;13:1 4.