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Read Easy UK Launches ‘2.4 NO MORE’ Campaign on International Literacy Day

Millions of adults in the UK are struggling in their daily lives because they cannot read. To mark International Literacy Day on 8th September 2022, Read Easy UK is launching a 2.4 NO MORE campaign to shine a light on the impact of this invisible issue.

Research shows that 2.4m adults in England can’t read - Read Easy is asking people to donate just GBP2.40 per week or month to help fund new adult reading groups run by teams of volunteers. The charity is also looking for more volunteers to provide reading support in areas of high-need.

Read Easy UK’s CEO, Carla Priddon, said, “We believe that literacy is a fundamental human right for all and that reading is not only a crucial skill for everyday life, but also a matter of dignity and inclusion. Can you imagine how difficult it will be to navigate the cost-of-living crisis if you are not able to read your bills or any of the information advising how to get extra help?”

Sarah Todd, 35, learned to read with Read Easy and explains how difficult it can be to navigate the system if you can’t read; “Reading documents and understanding how the world worked was a real struggle for me - I couldn’t see I had missed deadlines or pay bills on time. I remember once having a court summons because I’d missed a big payment. I used to dread opening the mail.

“I never understood how money worked, I would spend hoping that I had enough in the bank to feed the children and get by. It was a nightmare. I was scared of asking for help because then I would have to explain I didn't understand. I wish I could have been more open, but once I opened up and got the help it was a massive weight off my shoulders”.

Earlier this year Read Easy was featured in BBC 1 programme ‘Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51’ where Jay documented his own journey learning to read with the charity. Read Easy UK has 81 affiliated and pioneering groups across England with over 1400 volunteers providing free one-to-one reading coaching for adults who are unable to read. The target is to increase this to 105 groups by next year.

For every GBP10 raised by the 2.4 NO MORE campaign Read Easy could provide resources for two readers to start their reading journey. GBP40 could train a new volunteer to provide professional reading support. Anyone with free time to spare might consider training as a volunteer reading coach at one of the new Read Easy groups.

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Notes to Editors

Campaign launches on 8th September 2022

**Adult reader case studies available for interview**

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