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Say Goodbye to Wedding Stress - New Service Supports Couples on the Journey to ‘I Do’

Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life, however more than half of married couples found the wedding planning process ‘stressful’. In response to this, new wedding platform Brideplan helps couples build their wedding dream team, but it is also the first wedding planning service to offer emotional support to prevent couples from becoming overwhelmed on the run up to their big day.

The average wedding in the UK costs over £20,000 and takes 528 hours to plan according to research. Brideplan believes the same effort should go in to supporting a couple’s mental wellbeing. The site’s team of handpicked, qualified BACP counsellors and life coaches specialise in wedding-related issues including, blended families, lack of confidence, loss of a loved one, financial disagreements or unwanted interference from family, to name a few.

In addition to emotional support, Brideplan offers everything you might expect from a wedding planning service. There is a directory of thousands of handpicked venues and carefully curated wedding suppliers. The customisable budgeting tools will help you keep track of every detail and expense - from the engagement party, to the big day itself - to ensure the arrangements stay on budget.

Brideplan’s premium membership gives couples access to specially negotiated partner offers including discounted wedding insurance from Wedcover and Insure My Day; honeymoon perks from On the Beach; and travel insurance savings from Oasis Insurance. If losing a few pounds before the big day is on the agenda then the discounted meal plans from The Good Prep will help you on your way.

Premium members also have access to monthly webinars provided by the site’s counsellors and coaches, as well as an ‘ask the wedding planner’ feature for quick, expert advice when planning your special day.

Brideplan is the brainchild of Amy Patterson, who came up with the idea after experiencing first-hand the challenges of planning a wedding alongside the stresses and strains of everyday life. Amy lost her nana just before she got engaged and struggled to deal with her grief alongside being pregnant with her second child, holding down a full-time high-pressured job, and planning her wedding.

According to Amy, “I never realised at the time how difficult Nana’s absence would be when I was planning my wedding. We were very close and I was devastated that she wouldn’t be around to share my special day. I had a big, exciting wedding to plan and couldn’t feel happy about it. I was so overwhelmed with all the decisions that needed to be made and this made it even more stressful. Having worked in the mental health and wellbeing industry for a number of years I knew how life-changing seeking emotional support can be. Seeing a counsellor was the best decision I ever made. It helped me to process my feelings about losing Nana and deal with how I was going to feel about her not being there on my wedding day”.

Brideplan counsellor, Anne Booth has some advice for anyone feeling the strain, “When you deny, hide or suppress your thoughts and feelings, they fester, become magnified and take more energy, resources and skill to keep them hidden. When planning a wedding, there are hopes, dreams and expectations about how it will be. If you are carrying the burden of unresolved issues, fears, memories from the past or words that someone said to you - they can become a millstone around your neck. Dealing with your concerns allows you to put them in to perspective. This is vital to ensure they don't mar your relationships, experiences or memories of your special day”.

Brideplan is proud to be founded by women who are motivated to provide couples with the best practical and emotional support to plan their perfect day.

Brideplan offers a freemium option, alongside a premium subscription which costs £3.99 a month. 5% from every premium package is donated to the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation that funds weddings for terminally ill couples.

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