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App Aims to Scrap Fly-tipping and Reduce Waste Dumped in Landfill

LoveJunk, a junk removal marketplace, is on a mission to stamp out fly-tipping, save people money, and reduce the amount of waste unnecessarily ending up in landfill. Over a million fly-tipping incidents were recorded by DEFRA in 2022 (1). London leads the way with over a third of all incidents – equivalent to 46 fly-tips for every 1000 people. North East and North West England take second and third place with 27 and 17 incidents per 1000 people respectively.

By law, you are personally responsible for your rubbish, even if you pay someone else to take it away. If you pay someone to remove rubbish from your property and it's subsequently fly-tipped you could be fined or prosecuted. The number of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued in England shot up 58 percent in 2022.

LoveJunk aims to make getting rid of unwanted junk cheaper, faster and greener. According to LoveJunk, 98% of waste collected through their app avoids landfill and more than 30% of items described as reusable ends up finding a new home. So far LoveJunk’s users have ensured that junk weighing a whopping 9,309,209 kg has been diverted from being dumped in landfill – that’s equivalent to 776 double decker buses.

LoveJunk’s marketplace connects householders with vetted waste removal companies and people interested in second hand items. You post a photo of your junk, then compare quotes and ratings from nearby collectors to find your best available junk removal solution in minutes. Pay securely after pickup and receive documentation showing your waste was disposed of responsibly, including how much got recycled.

According to its founder, Jason Mohr, “LoveJunk is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to dispose of bulky junk they can’t take to the tip or get the council to collect. By using the LoveJunk marketplace, people typically save 25% - 50% of what they would pay if they approached waste collectors direct. Plus, if something is in good condition and is reused, collection is completely free of charge. Disposal of bulky waste can be stressful. People are keen to do the right thing environmentally, but they worry about being ripped off and their waste ending up fly tipped. LoveJunk solves that. Fair prices, no cowboys, and reuse and recycling happening wherever possible – all at the click of a button.”



About LoveJunk
LoveJunk is free to use. Download the app from the relevant app store or go to

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