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While European senior marketers in Telco, IT, Retail and Finance are investing heavily in data-driven marketing technology, half of all companies are spending less than 5% of their marketing budget to improve results

London, 9th July 2013 -- Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), global leader in analytic data platforms, applications and services, today released the results of its pan-European marketing study, “The Data-Driven Marketing Survey 2013, Europe”. The study reveals that a shift to digital channels and the increasing importance of data have led to a “class structure” in marketing technology investments among companies using these solutions. Telco and IT companies invest almost 20% of their marketing budget on improving their marketing infrastructure, whilst retail (17%) and finance (13%) are close followers. Overall, however, 50% of marketing departments across all industries surveyed spend less than 5% to improve their marketing with technology investments....

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