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The Ancient Sculpture

This is the mother of all art; the oldest sculpture in the world.

Many questions raised...Is this the oldest sculpture? Research shows the organic material, carbon dated in the region of 13.7 Billion Years Old.

The item is associated with the big bang, when the universe begin. As it was in the beginning, conclusion reached because of its age , the dark material holds the secret to life.

The object was discovered in 1993, locked in the boot of a car for 14 years before it was realised, that it was a figure, in the shape of a head.

Many mysteries surround the sculpture head, prompting the question....could this be the face of God.....? Well, who knows. It’s a question that we may never be able to answer.

Collaborating for a lengthy period of time, the sculpture was transposed to art, making it the oldest sculptured art, ever to go on-line exhibition.

The piece is being exhibited...

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