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Granite paving

If you’ve ever been on a recent trip to a modern town or city centre and marvelled at the beautifully patterned and well organized pedestrian walkways then the chances are that you have already seen granite paving close to its very best!

For many people, granite paving has become the material of choice as a superior flooring product with its superb durability and outstanding look of timeless elegance. Whether you are looking for a hard wearing surface for a contemporary garden patio, a practical material for a visually impressive and highly functional driveway or a traditionally rustic terrazzo alternative for the surroundings of a commercial property or government owned building such as a hospital, nursing home or library, granite paving offers complete versatility at a price which is difficult to beat.

London Stone is a leading supplier of bespoke paving products and they have been in the business of providing nationally sourced granite flooring...

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