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Don't let technology bring life to halt

It’s the weekend at last and you settle down to watch your favourite TV on planner or catch up only to find that your Sky box didn’t record. Elsewhere, the kids are in meltdown because the Wi-Fi isn’t working fast enough.

It’s a familiar experience in today’s household as we place more pressure on our data networks to support everyday activities. Even with superfast internet connectivity, multiple device use can still slow down your speeds, streaming and Wi-Fi.

As we prefix ‘smart’ to the technology in our house then perhaps a ‘smart’ solution is needed to make sure they continue to operate efficiently.

Home Technology Monitoring is a new buzz phrase that can do just that. Monitoring tools can automatically keep a track on all of the connected devices in your home, collecting information with immediate notification to your integrator before you even realise there is a fault! A service engineer can then address this remotely.
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