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Luana Ribeira Jumping in Gothic Coat

The current advice given by the government will see millions remain at home 24/7, an unprecedented situation which will for many, see the aggravation of underlying conditions like anxiety and forms of depression. Luana Ribeira is announcing her free Thrive in Quarantine – Entertainment, Guidance and Support group to help lead both adults and children through this daunting time. Based on the principle of thriving together, this group features a free weekly timetable of activities, lessons and entertainment that members will be able to take part in from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

So far, the timetable includes expert master-classes on the subjects; Family Fitness, How to Grow Your Own Food… Indoors!, How to Pivot Your Physical Business Online, How to Start an Online Business, Acting for Film, Independent Film Broadcast and even How to Write a Book! The group will also feature advice for the more personal trials we are all facing during this unusual time...

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