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About to set off on holiday? Whether you’re going camping in the UK or relaxing in the sunshine abroad, take a look at HomeServe’s top tips for holidaymakers before you set off.

1. Keeping food and drink cool
If you’re going camping, freeze a large bottle of water. Pack this with your food and drink, then store in a shady place. This will help to keep your food and drink cold for 2-3 days – perfect for short camping trips!

2. Save space
Pillows are bulky items to pack, so use a pillowcase to transport some of your clothes. Then at night time you can stuff the pillowcase with soft clothing and use as a pillow.

3. Avoid damp toilet paper
A good trick to prevent toilet paper becoming damp is to take a plastic bottle and stuff some toilet roll into the bottle, leaving the end sticking out of the top. Then simply pull and tear the toilet...

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