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Sofia towel rail finished in Quartz Dust

MHS Radiators has introduced Sofia – a new steel towel rail which is available in central heating and electric options. Boasting a bold cylindrical frame, adorned with flat rectangular tubes, this stylish heat emitter is complemented by a combination of high heat outputs and a plethora of finishes – allowing it to effortlessly dry and warm numerous towels, while creating a visual impact in any space.

The Sofia is also reversible, so the vertical tubes can either be on the left or right hand side.

The new rail can be selected in three heights, 1312, 1536 and 1760mm, with widths spanning from 500 to 600mm. Central heating versions yield impressive outputs, varying from 563 to 875 watts, while electric counterparts range from 600 to 900 watts – offering scope to easily heat up larger bathrooms.

MHS Radiators has carefully selected a stunning...

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