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"Recycling plastic is both simple and complex".

In theory, we should be able to simply discard all plastic based products into our recycling bins and rely on our local councils and collection companies to process the waste correctly. In practice, this isn't easy. Our waste collection companies don't have the complex facilities required to correctly recycle plastic, so they remain simply, waste collection companies. They harvest what they can, such as bottles to sell on and make money, the rest is sent off to 'somewhere'. Somewhere is either on a shipping container to another country, to a UK based incinerator or landfill.[1][2][3][4]

The approach taken by the UK in these referenced articles is far from ideal and doesn't fix today's problem, "billions of tonnes of plastic exists as waste in our oceans and on on land. We need to destroy it, recycle it in the most effective way possible. This 'is' today's problem".

What can we do, how can we...

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