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New RETRO Division Responds to Baby Boomer Buying Power

MOT RETRO Model Anna Moody

Today it is those aged between 50 and 70 who have true spending power.

Europe’s leading model agency, London-based MOT Models has launched their latest division called RETRO in response to the growing buying power of the post-war baby boomer generation.

A report conducted by the Institute of Customer Service* says that nearly two thirds (63%) of UK business leaders focus their efforts on the younger demographic. This bias means that organisations are potentially missing out on a large proportion of the ‘silver pound’ economy – shown to be worth up to £43 billion in annual spending. In the US a study by Nielsen** shows 50% of the population is over 50 and baby boomers have control of over 70% of all disposable income.

The RETRO division includes internationally renowned models with timeless appeal who have the personality, style and charisma to support big brands. Remco (43) and his father Aad Van Der Linden (72) feature in photoshoots for brands including Jaguar Cars, Fat Face and Marks & Spencer. Nick Hopper (41), appears as the chauffeur in the highly-crafted award-winning Audrey Hepburn Galaxy chocolate bar commercial.

Natasha Clancy (39) shines in advertisements for Russell & Bromley and OLAY. Anna Moody (42) features in campaigns for Thomson Cruises, Activia and Next. Kerry Ferguson (47) works with Mercedes, Hotter Shoes and Cashmere Centre and like her colleagues, is highly versatile.

Founder of MOT Models, Helen Illes, explains the need for RETRO, “Today it is those aged between 50 and 70 who have true spending power. The post-war generation continues to explore exciting activities and wants to dress with style. Younger generations are struggling to make ends meet.

“Due to this, we are experiencing a shift with big brands who are looking for real life characters with true life skills. These models must reflect the customers and showcase the brand’s sophisticated qualities. Advertisers need individuals who won’t be eclipsed by big brands.

“Baby boomers are experiencing photoshop fatigue. They’re interested in seeing characters with laughter lines rather than unrealistic, bland, over-edited features. They require someone with a strong presence and a genuine smile to capture their attention.

“This is the start of a global trend. Recently Helen Mirren, 71, become the brand ambassador for L’Oréal, Jan de Villeneuve, 72, dominated London Fashion Week and Cecilia Chancellor made a comeback to modelling at the age of 50.”

Director of MOT Models Mike Illes said, “We have spotted a change in advertisers looking for real-age models. In the past a holiday advert featuring a family would typically include models in their early 30s to play the parents. Today the people representing parents are likely to be in their 40s, yet are equally as active.

“It is true to say that 70 is the new 50. We need to reflect this new dynamic by having models who share a similar outlook.”

Helen Illes added, “The over 40s of previous generations instinctively behaved like older people with a set uniform of perms and pearls. This is no longer the case. The post-war generation have changed the whole of society wherever they hit with positivity at their heart. A perfect example is Joanna Lumley, who recently turned 70 and continues to be a style icon. The model industry reflects society and economic trends. Television, films and adverts for big ticket items are today geared towards the older demographic.

“Mature models represent the values of having fun, looking good and enjoying life at a time when previous generations would have slowed down. We are seeing baby boomers challenging stereotypes and taking part in extreme activities. Instagram is a great example. You’ll see Remco and Aad surfing, exploring and living life to the full.

“Our RETRO models are full of the life experiences, passion and positivity that’s required by luxury brands, something younger models simply can’t emulate.”


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*Research published October 3 2016 by the Institute of Customer Service.
**Research published in October 2016 by Nielsen.


Please credit photography to MOT Models. Additional high resolution images available on request.

Mike Illes, Helen Illes, Remco Van Der Linden and other models are available for interview.

Baby boomers are the demographic group born during the post–World War II baby boom, approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. This includes people who are between 53 and 71 years old in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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About MOT Models:

MOT Models is a leading London model agency, providing excellent models to top photographers, advertisers, designers and production companies. MOT models appear in many worldwide advertising and commercial campaigns.

The brand was established in 1985 and rapidly became a byword in the industry for expertise, friendliness, fairness and efficiency with the great majority of their work being obtained through referral. Their reputation has been hard-won and is one that they are always striving to improve.

MOT is a broad-based agency with models of all ages, ethnicities and types. One thing they all share in common is the quality of their work and their commitment to making sure that the assignment is successful whether it be for a big world-wide campaign or a brochure for a small new company. Whilst many agencies are now trying to imitate the MOT approach, arguably none can match the combination of model and service offered by MOT.

MOT has an enviable reputation for developing new talent. Many of their leading models have been with the brand through their education and into full-time careers as models. The agency provides a nurturing, considerate and thoughtful management that leads to a good and lengthy career.

The MOT team is located in two characterful offices, one just outside of London and about 30 minutes north of Heathrow airport and the second is right in the centre of the city in Mayfair.

Their Head Office in Berkhamsted handles bookings and marketing for MOT and all of the administrative support for both MOT and sister agency, Zone Models.