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It has been a long wait for the best solution to come along but now it is time to either beef up your legacy system or replace it with the most advanced technology for any job related transport or service industry to keep your costs down and keep in business.

FLEET Auto-Mates is a Job Management system with in-built advanced Dynamic Scheduling, Planning, Optimisation and mobile working that can provide a full solution or be added to an existing system.

Typically saving 1-2 vehicles out of 10, FLEET Auto-Mates will ensure that every job that you do is done to the highest efficiency using advanced mathematical processes that analyses all the work you have to do and the resources that you have available. Taking into consideration timed services, capacity, size, hazardous goods etc., the system outperforms any manual planning process by taking minutes instead of hours. Planners can tweak the results before sending them to mobile PDAs or printing out...

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