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A Marriage Made in Heaven by Maureen Wingham has now been published as a paperback available on Amazon.

The memoir explores her life from her relationship with a singer – whom she met in 1963 – and the impact this relationship had on her life over a quarter of a century. It follows his various trials and tribulations which lead to their separation and to her first marriage, birth of her son and subsequent divorce. Difficulties presented by her business partner who became too fond of alcohol.

Later she was reunited with the singer who still had a somewhat chaotic lifestyle including brushes with the law; in addition to her advertising work setting up a music company and their continued relationship (during which her mother developed dementia) until his illness.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

“It is a very honest book. The author has written from her heart and bared her soul to readers. There are moments...

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