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Osirium Technologies plc (AIM: OSI), a leading UK-based cyber security software vendor, has today released first findings from The Osirium Ransomware Index which suggests that UK businesses are not sufficiently protecting the backups, or backup systems, they say would be critical to their recovery should a cyber attack occur.

The research, collected across 1,001 IT managers in the UK, cites 80% of small businesses rely on backups as a plan of recovery should a cyber-attack occur, with 63% of these using online backups as a preventative measure in avoiding data loss. Overall, 4 in 5 businesses (79%) surveyed admitted that they have experienced at least one ransomware attack; with 68% of these stating the attack occurred in the past year. Interestingly, despite 98% of respondents saying they were aware that backups are a target of ransomware attacks, over half (56%) do not keep offline backups and only 35% take extra precautions to protect access to backups and backup...

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