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Mãe Africa Development Initiative presents ‘SCARRED’, an impressive exhibition documenting varying ethnic groups across Africa and their respective displays of cultural identity through body art.

Previewing on November 29 2019, the exhibition will be opened to the public from November 30 to December 1, and will showcase over 30 photographs from internationally acclaimed visual artists, Trevor Cole, Eric Lafforgue and dynamic talents including Nadine Ibrahim, Yusuff Aina, Anibal Bueno and Hannah Longole.

Body modification including scarification, tattooing, body piercings and painting are amongst the oldest visual cultural expressions across Africa. ‘SCARRED’ aims to inform and raise awareness around these ancient cultural expressions, some of which are still in existence yet slowly vanishing. Proudly supported by the British Council, the artworks in the exhibition directly raise socio-cultural questions around Africa’s body modification tradition and...

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