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Maya Shanti Yoga Launch Photo

Step into a world of holistic wellbeing with the launch of Maya Shanti Yoga (MSY), your gateway to a balanced and fulfilling life. Co-founded by wellness expert Carlie Barlow, MSY offers a unique fusion of restorative yoga and sound healing products and practices, guided by the star of Lakshmi and drawing creative inspiration and products from the home of wellness ‘India’.

Rates of mental ill health have skyrocketed in recent years, wellness programmes and practices are no longer a luxury for businesses and individuals, these ancient practices and beliefs have become essential to maintain a positive mental, physical and emotional state.

More Than Products, a Pathway to Wellbeing:
Forget mass-produced products – MSY believes in the power of intention and community. Explore their carefully curated selection of yoga blankets, bolsters, meditation beds, crystal singing bowls, and drums, from India, each meticulously chosen to support your journey...

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