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Calling all self-employed electricians, builders, plumbers, gardeners and any other independent trades people. If you have a smart phone and you are looking for more enterprise, then read on for the trade secret that will drop new business in to the palm of your hand.

Despite rapid growth of mobile communications, there is still a general perception that businesses that have a fixed line are more professional, more trustworthy and more established than those operating from a mobile phone. Concern over ‘cowboy’ traders who can disappear with your hard-earned cash overnight remains a factor.

Moreover, with the growing uptake of call bundles from BT or other providers, which do not include calls to mobiles, homeowners are more likely to call a landline number in preference to a mobile when they need a tradesman or a handyman in the house. If you don’t pick up the phone they will just keep on searching. Answer phones have their place but 67% of people...

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