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8 September 1999: Internet faxing - a new service from LANSource Technologies UK - is set to change forever how large corporations send and receive faxes. Offering substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements, the service will also enable Internet service providers (ISPs) to generate new revenue from existing resources.

The main benefit of using this new service is that corporate users can send faxes anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call by routing them through an ISP's existing ports. Also, by enabling ISPs to offer a fax service to their corporate accounts, LANSource Technologies' FAXport VFN (virtual fax network) removes the need for corporations to install a fax server on the corporate LAN. This instantly eliminates all equipment, installation and maintenance costs.

By taking the ISP route, users also benefit from the multiple points-of-presence (POPs) that ISPs provide. They also have dedicated fax numbers which can be...

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