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Sheffield, England – November 4, 2008 – In a move that would delight James Bond, British IT innovator, Virtuity, today released BackStopp Mobile which is designed to obliterate the contents of lost or stolen mobile phones and other hand held devices.

Should a phone be lost or stolen, BackStopp Mobile uses a mobile’s own communications to track it down, almost anywhere in the world. Once the device has been traced, BackStopp sets to deleting all information that could prove of interest to villains of all descriptions. As soon as the data is wiped out BackStopp creates a report back at IHQ (or the office for most of us) detailing exactly what was erased, when, and can even pinpoint the location of the device.

While BackStopp might appeal to FBI and MI6 agents there is a serious reason for its existence. As...

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