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Pure XP, a high end nutrition brand has combined the very latest in science to create a new concept in how we take nutrition into our bodies, by creating organic Superfoods with GliSODin to maximise the absorption of nutrition to our bodies.

Amar Malik, a former UK Director of a major international supplement company and Vince Philgence, a private fitness instructor of over 20 years joined forces 8 years ago to create a gold standard in nutritional supplement which had body friendly science behind it as a natural alternative to synthetic, off-the shelf products that don’t always have the benefits they claim.

“The issue with many mainstream off the shelf supplements is that they are synthetic” says Amar, CEO of Pure XP. “It may be good for your body, or it may not be. It may benefit you, or it may build up toxins in your body. Basically, it’s a gamble. We wanted a nutrition product that was as much of a sure thing as possible: with no compromises. We...

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