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Single women are abandoning their hunt for Mr Perfect and settling for Mr Family Man instead, a study by London Fertility Centre, part of Spire Fertility, revealed yesterday.

Researchers found one in ten married women gave up searching for their ideal partner, amid worries their biological clock was ticking. Instead, they have settled down with a man who they believe will make a good father, even though he may not tick all the other boxes.

It also emerged that more than a third of single women said if they don’t meet 'the one' in time to have a child they would consider ‘going it alone’ and having fertility treatment.

64 per cent of those defended their decision saying they were determined to have a child whether it's with or without a partner and 35 per cent said that one decent parent is better than two bad ones.

In the study , findings revealed that more than one in ten married women did in fact settle for a partner...

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