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Corrymoor Socks as Art go on show in Liverpool.

The humble socks on your feet could become a new art form, especially if they are mohair socks from Corrymoor Farm in East Devon.

Corrymoor Socks are to feature in an art exhibition in Liverpool to highlight the need for sustainability in the way we lead our lives.

The Climate for Change exhibition at the FACT gallery in Liverpool features the work of artist in residence Kai-Oi Jay Yung who is undertaking her Sock Exchange project at the gallery to help turn socks into works of art (April 6-12th), inviting visitors to bring their odd and holey socks to the gallery as well as running a Speed Socking Lonely Hearts event.

As part of her activity Jay has been investigating the sock manufacturing industry with her video “Socking”, which will also feature the angora goats of Corrymoor Farm at Stockland in East Devon. The film examines the whole sock making process from the...

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