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Marc Hauser, skydiver

A superhero adventurer will attempt to break the world record for fastest ever horizontal free fall – and travel faster than a Formula One racing car.

Skydiver Marc Hauser intends to leap from a plane above Spain and fly forward rather than downwards, without even wearing a wingsuit.

The aim is to prove that humans really can fly in a straight line without wings, and to smash his own world record of 304km/h in the process.

If he succeeds, he will not only be travelling faster than many Formula One racing cars can reach on the ground but also faster than a four-seater Cessna Skyhawk airplane, which has a top speed in the air of 302km/h.

Marc, who also became the first person to jump into the jet stream in 2018, said: “I have always wanted to be able to fly like a superhero – and today that is actually possible. I want to show that we really don’t need wings to fly.”

The Swiss-born adventurer has set himself a...

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