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April 27, 2018 – Russia will become home to one of the biggest in the world legal mining operations, located in Siberia. Two Russian businessmen Ilya Bruman (London Metropolitan University, MBA Finance) and Alexey Paikin (Lomonosov MSU Business School, MA, Management) are building in the Irkutsk region the largest legal platform for crypto currency mining in Russia – Minery. 5 mining complexes with a total capacity of 55 megawatts and the area of 59,200 square feet will launch in Autumn of 2018 and will allow to mine legally at the lowest electricity rates in the Russian Federation.

As bitcoin popularity is rising worldwide, mining farms, home units and massive mining operations appear. In Russia, with its energy resources and climate making some of the best conditions for crypto mining, this led to more than 1.5 million Russians being engaged in home mining (solo-mining). Such type of mining has yet a...

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