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Silicolskin, £9.79,

- Removes bacteria and excess oil from problem skin -

[July 2020] Now available in the UK, Silicolskin launches for problem skin removing irritants, impurities, and bacteria from the skin to help reduce spots, blackheads and excess oil.

What causes problem skin?
Stress, hormonal changes such as during periods or at menopause, diet and what we put on our skin can trigger break-outs of pimples, red spots and yellow pus-filled spots which can be distressing and frustrating to those who suffer.

Periods are a common cause of skin break-outs for women young and old, where the oestrogen hormone falls and the progesterone hormone is at its highest monthly level. The progesterone rise stimulates the production of sebum, a thick, oily substance that naturally lubricates the skin; add that to higher testosterone levels, which activate the sebaceous glands to make even more sebum, creating an outbreak of PMS spots. Likewise, hormonal...

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