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• Whilst Boris gets distracted by cheese and coffee, business leaders, HR professionals and management teams meet debate the real issues faced by businesses in the post-covid world.
• The argument is more than where we work, its how we work better, smarter, and more efficiently in the new era of work.
• A leading panel of experts will be debating this in London and Edinburgh this May and seek audience members with an opinion to attend.

20 May 2022. London

As businesses continue to manage the transformation of work, fuelled by technology, and accelerated by the pandemic, companies are still facing a backlash from employees. As Boris Johnson admits he is distracted by coffee and cheese, and Lord Alan Sugar believes everyone should be back in the office full time, is the conversation heading in the wrong direction?

Since 2020, businesses have had to juggle the needs of their business, with the needs of the employees and...

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