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• New chicken owners researched after lockdown forthrightly claim it was always their intention to have chickens as pets and it is not a ‘fad’.
• Over two-thirds admit they got their hens as pets - a quarter saying they got them as pets for children too
• Three quarters admit they wanted to take advantage of the fresh daily eggs

Following the influx of new chicken keepers during lockdown, it seemed the pandemic had started a new fad as Brits flocked to keep the feathered beauties as pets. Concerns were rife that this was just that – a new fad. But according to research of lockdown’s new chicken keepers, it appears it was always their intention to keep chickens as pets.

A whopping 80% of those who got their first ever chickens between March and August 2020 confirmed they always had the intention to keep chickens as pets and that lockdown gave them the time to prepare for their new arrivals. In fact, two-thirds of the adult...

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