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- Samsung sales have risen 13% in the past year and overtake Apple by 3%
- Samsung Edge makes up 55% of the Samsung market
- Release of S7 series breaks Samsung record sales

The Apple-Samsung power struggle is starting to tip in Samsung's favour as over the past year they knock Apple from a 54% share of sales to 41%.

This sees the first time Samsung outsold Apple in the latter half of the year despite Apple releasing their latest flagship iPhone range.

The most surprising result from data released by leading phone retailer Mobile Phones Direct, reveals that their sales of both the Samsung S6 Edge and S7 Edge have beaten sales of the standard S6 and S7.

Collectively the Galaxy S6 and S7 make up 26% of the sales while the Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge make up 55% of sales among Samsung devices.

The main difference...

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