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Hiking & Trekking NEW BOOK Release

For everyone who's dreamed of exploring the unknown on a long hike or trekking to the summit of a mountain, but has no idea how to start or where to start, Kate Sielmann offers the next best thing. Her new book, A Step-by-Step Manual to Mountaineering & Trekking Around the World, is the definitive guide to planning and enjoying a trek safely and rewardingly.

The book introduces mountaineering and trekking from a newcomer’s perspective, focusing first on the reasons people take on such challenges. A Sports Scientist by trade, Sielmann then turns to training. This is no simple checklist: Sielmann presents a comprehensive training regimen based on her own research into the cardiovascular and muscular systems most essential to trekkers and mountaineers, and the training schedule that best develops those systems.

The book balances its sports science based training principles with comprehensive information on injury prevention and safety, including detailed...

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