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CMT Awareness Month

Some 25,000 people are thought to be living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease in the UK, making it the most common inherited neurological condition, although many people have not even heard of it. UK-based charity CMT UK, which provides support to those affected by the condition in the UK, is hoping to change that during its October awareness month.

CMT is a hereditary condition that damages the peripheral sensory and motor nerves. Because of the nerve damage, people living with CMT may find that their muscles become slowly weaker over the years, particularly in their hands and feet, arms and lower legs and the sense of feeling can become dull or numb in these areas. As there are over 100 diagnosed types of CMT, symptoms can vary hugely, although some other key points about CMT are that it can cause chronic pain and fatigue. Some early symptoms could include difficulty walking because of...

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