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With the advent of GDPR legislation, organisations are finally waking-up to the fact they no longer ‘own’ data and citizens are demanding to know exactly what their data is being used for. Independent research shows 65% of UK citizens now want access to their data and 95% want more, or full control, over who organisations are sharing their data with*.

GDPR is a force for good to establish a trusting relationship between two parties. Without trust between organisations and individuals – it’s hard for any organisation to establish a brand loyal customer.

Our view is to think of GDPR – like a relationship – a dating game:
• GDPR allows individuals to take control of the relationship – so don’t complain!
• GDPR allows organisations to build stronger relationships with those individuals that actually want to hear from them
• GDPR means transparency in the relationship – so nothing – even personal data is hidden
• GDPR means...

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