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(London, UK) - For many years, the UK has been one of the top drug-consuming countries in Europe. More than three million people abuse cannabis every year, more than 400,000 consume highly-addictive opiates and another million use cocaine. Year after year, hundreds of thousands enter drug treatment programmes to try to get sober. In 2008 just in England and Wales, nearly 200,000 sought help for addiction problems, many of whom were attempting sobriety for the second, third or even more times.

But unlike years past, a new pattern of drug abuse complicates the addiction problem and its treatment. Poly-drug use is now the norm, and concomitant alcohol use is so common among chronic drug users that it tends to go unmentioned. "This new pattern presents problems that are not addressed by earlier methods of fighting drug abuse," states Alison Withey, Senior Intake...

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