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A YouGov study facilitated by the period brand Natracare revealed that ‘73% of people assume only elderly women suffer with urinary incontinence.’ This assumption of the condition is widespread, when in fact ‘one in three women experience incontinence at some point in their life’ - at any age.

Furthermore, both men and women can be affected by incontinence or bladder weakness. It may occur throughout and/or after pregnancy or may be caused by health implications.

As part of their investigation into the issue, Natracare have been speaking with individuals who experience incontinence to understand how it impacts young people in particular.

Julie, age 34, explains “I started to occasionally leak during pregnancy with my first daughter, 4 years ago. I’ve experienced it ever since then. When I’m doing sport it’s particularly bad, but it can also be when I’m sneezing if my bladder is a bit full.”

At the age of 26, Gaby...

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