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When people think of getting older, they often picture growing old gracefully and the smiling images of older people running along the seaside do a lot to promote this picture. But for a lot of ageing Britons, disease, diabetes, cancer, heart attacks and age-related illness prevent them from reaching a ripe old age. But new research on the natural plant-based compound Resveratrol shows that idyllic picture may not be just an advertiser’s fantasy.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is found naturally in several species of plant including peanuts, red grapes, some pines and Japanese Knotweed. It acts as a chemical defence against attacks on the plant by bacteria and fungi. New scientific research is now showing that this plant compound seems to stimulate the body's natural defences against cellular damage and metabolic regulation that not only increases life span in mammals, but also...

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