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Necta & Hive Jarrah & Red Gum Honey

Total activity healing honeys with natural beneficial enzymes and nutritional benefits, each spoonful of our total activity honey can help to boost your health and immunity.

Active honey for an active lifestyle, perfect for health and lifestyle foodies, health and fitness, mindfulness and well-being and honey connoisseurs.

Necta & Hive honeys have Total Activity ratings (TA), indicating the potency of each honeys antimicrobial properties. The higher the rating the more powerful the healing properties.

Our Australian honey is from the Jarrah and Red Gum trees, both from the Eucalyptus family and therefore benefits from the medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antiseptic and antimicrobial. The natural composition of the honey and high antimicrobial properties make Jarrah and Red Gum powerful healing honeys which can inhibit bacterial growth, reduce infections and enhance healing.

Necta & Hive honey...

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